Limited time offer: 8 hours operator with mini excavator or loader Penrith area $650

what to ask when choosing an operator

Narrow access, tight access, close to structures, small, mini loader, mini excavation, digger

Are you insured for this work?

Not all insurance is created equal. DS Diggers are fully insured for all work we undertake. Insurance may only cover to a certain depth, it may or may not cover the effects of vibration, it may have other limitations. If you are concerned ask for more information when receiving a quote for excavating work. 

Are you qualified for this work?

Darren has completed the Underground Service Location training. He is able to complete non structural works to the value of $5000 without further licensing. DS Diggers work closely with a licensed builder for any more difficult jobs. Darren is undertaking further qualifications being the Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations which is due to be completed in 2019. This qualification allows licensing for all excavation work including structural work. Please ensure any operator is legally able to conduct the work you require. If not legally qualified insurance will likely be invalid. 

What access do your machines have?

Our mini excavator has contracting tracks that reduce to 750mm wide and can therefore access through a space 780mm wide. The rollover protection folds down so through a house or garage is not out of the question! Our mini loader can fit through a space 860mm wide. Darren has constructed ramps and used protective substances to access via steps or more delicate surfaces. He is aware of the weight of our machines and possible effects and will discuss this with you. 

What attachments do you have?

DS Diggers have a variety of bucket attachments and a ripper suitable for trenching, levelling, carrying etc. We also have an auger for Post holes at various sizes. We do not currently have a rock breaker as we assess demand but please enquire as we can hire this attachment.

What other equipment do you have?

DS Diggers have a small tipper ideal for access in newer estates and we have access to a larger tipper. We have the latest underground service locating equipment to ensure confidence when digging that your services will not be hit. We use the latest laser levelling equipment.

What does your quote cover?

We offer fixed labour rates and machine costs. For example our current special is $650/8 hours with machine, attachments and operator including GST and insurance. We will discount for jobs that go over 2 or more days.

We will separate any costs that may vary, such as tipping costs.  Tip fees are usually charged at cost with allowance for drive time if more than one load is required. The waste facilities charge based on weight and also what is included in the waste, clean fill is a lot cheaper than construction rubbish.  Wherever possible we will make any suggestions that could save you tip fees such as reusing clean fill on site. 

Any possible variations to the estimated times such as hitting rock, tree roots or unclean fill will be  discussed as the job progresses so there are no surprises at the end. Most jobs can proceed even if rock is hit however it can extend the time required to complete the job. We quote on an estimated hourly basis, we cover minor blow outs however we will amend the quoted price if unforeseen site conditions cause significant time delays of a few hours or more.

As we do not have a rock breaker please advise if rock is expected so we can prepare accordingly. Please also note we do not deal with asbestos or dangerous substances this would require an expert to be brought in.